MA in Government Student Hallie Jackson Joins NBC News

Congratulations to Hallie Jackson, who is joining NBC news as a correspondent.  She was previously a correspondent for Hearst Television, based in Washington, DC.   See more here


JHU Alums Brian Feldman and Marc Korman win primary elections


 Congratulations to JHU MA in Government Alums, Brian Feldman ('2000) for winning the Democratic Primary for the Maryland State Senate for District 15 and to Marc Korman ('2007) for winning the Democratic Primary (along with Ariana Keley and Bill Frick) for the Maryland House of Delegates, District 16 in Tuesday's election.




Jennifer Bachner's Op-Ed in Roll Call on the Cantor Race

Dr. Jennifer Bachner of the Johns Hopkins Center for Advanced Governmental Studies has an op-ed in this morning's edition of Roll Call: Cantor's Loss Was Result of Unforced Error.  Bachner argues that Eric Cantor's primary loss can be attributed to a strategic error in bombarding the electorate with negative ads:

Cantor’s negative advertisements suggest that his team thought they could convince voters that Brat was a liberal, and that Brat was running to the left of Cantor. However, with Brat receiving endorsements from conservative notables (Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter) and the simple fact that all tea party candidates run from the right, this was a long-shot. While Cantor may have had reason to respond to certain attacks levied against him, his campaign strategy was deliberate in going negative when his opponent did not have the resources to shape the debate at all.

Read the complete article here.


Center for Advanced Governmental Studies Capitol Hill Open House for Prospective Students

Please spread the word:

The Center for Advanced Governmental Studies will host an Open House on Tuesday, July 1, 12:30 to 2:00 pm at Cannon House Office Building, Room 441. This will be a brown bag lunch forum.  Please tell your colleagues and friends about this great opportunity to learn more about the four degree programs at the Center:  the MA in Government, MA in Global Security Studies, MA in Public Management, and the new MS in Governmental Analytics.  Thanks!  


JHU Student Francis McCaffrey Shares CNN's Hillary Clinton Town Hall experience

Hillary's Town Hall    ​


On Tuesday June 17, I had a chance to join other Johns Hopkins students at the Newseum in Washington for a Town Hall with author, former First Lady, former New York Senator, former Secretary of State and possible presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Clinton was said to be promoting her book Hard Choices, but it seemed a little more like an early campaign rally for the 2016 election. You probably already know that she is considered to be a strong candidate for president.

The event had some tough questions on Syria, immigration, Iraq, marriage equality and Benghazi of course. The host, Christiane Amanpour, even tried to pry the official presidential announcement out of Mrs. Clinton. It didn't work. She refused to give an answer.

One thing that struck me was that there were no questions on economics. I still see the economy as a major issue and had planned to ask Mrs. Clinton about it. I was not given the mic by the CNN staff to ask the question. It seemed suspicious to me. Perhaps this is something that the Democrats just don't want to even talk about.

AAP's very own Dr. Dorothea Wolfson was called upon to ask the first question. She handled it with professionalism and represented us very well. She asked about Iraq and whether the ISIS terrorist group was going to take the nation over. For the record, this interesting exchange is probably readily available on YouTube.

Hillary seemed sharp. Questions about her health may well have been answered, and I did not see evidence of the brain damage that former GOP strategist Karl Rove says she might have. 

The Hillary Town Hall was followed by an episode of Wolf Blitzer's "The Situation Room." The show recapped nearly every aspect of the Hillary Town Hall. After it was over, Mr. Blitzer spoke with the attendees as they walked out. I got to ask him about a mutual friend of ours and snap a selfie. Check it out.

This was a great experience, I did get the feeling that I was at an early campaign rally and not a hard-hitting journalistic examination. Hillary did not disappoint her following and I am certain that her potential opponents in 2016 were keeping their eyes on this one.