Professor Weinstein on NPR discussing 3-year college degrees

Professor Weinstein, director of the MA in Public Management program, discusses his idea for making three-year college the norm on NPR's Here and Now radio show.   





Fiscal Assistant Secretary David Lebryk Addresses GAB Forum

David Lebryk, Fiscal Assistant Secretary at the Department of the Treasury, spoke at this morning's Government Analytics Breakfast (GAB) Forum about the DATA Act and the data standards issued by Treasury and OMB this past May.

Mr. Lebryk talked about the importance of transparency and open data, particularly with respect to federal spending.  The DATA Act expands USASpending.gov, which is managed by the Treasury.  This website makes vast amount of data easily accessible to the public, including information on contract, grants and other forms of financial assistance.  These data are used by federal managers, state and local policy makers, private entrepreneurs and academic researchers to gain a better understanding of how federal dollars are being allocated and which types of government spending yield desired outcomes.

Despite the tremendous progress that's been made, there's still much room for improvement in terms of how the government collects, manages and disseminates quantitative information.  For example, Treasury is currently finalizing data standards so that agencies can more easily share and merge their data.  As part of this effort, the agency has engaged external stakeholders on a consistent basis.  This ensures that the standards developed by Treasury align with best practices in business and academia.

A recording of the event can be viewed here.

The slides from the presentation can be viewed here.


Senator Tom Cotton comes the JHU to discuss foreign policy

Senator Tom Cotton(R-AK) came to the JHU Center for Advanced Governmental Studies to discuss foreign policy challenges and problems under the Obama administration.  JHU Teaching Fellow, Robert Guttman introduced Senator Cotton.  His remarks and the ensuing discussion can be viewed here on C-SPAN


Senator Bernie Sanders Addresses JHU Students

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont addressed JHU students this morning, discussing what he sees to be the major issues he will be discussing as he seeks the Democratic presidential nomination.  JHU Professor Robert Guttman introduced Senator Sanders.  Senator Sanders focused particularly on what he called "grotesque income inequality" in the United States, calling the problem "the Robin Hood principle in reverse" insofar as income is taken from the middle and lower classes and given to millionaires. He also discussed the problems of unemployment, campaign finance reform, climate change, wage issues, and health care.  He maintained that the system of European socialism is not something to run from for the United States but serves as a model of reform that the US could learn from. 


Center Students Sustainable Cities: Berlin and Paris International Course Experience

It has been a busy few days in Paris, France.   Eleven students from multiple programs in the Center for Advanced Governmental Studies and also the Environmental Sciences and Policy program arrived in Paris from Berlin on Wednesday and have been busy learning about efforts the city of Paris has been making to become an eco-friendly green city. Students began their Paris experience with an evening boat tour on the Seine on Wednesday.  Thursday morning, students gathered at the FrenchOn the Seine River Federal Ministry of Ecology to hear a presentation about France's national energy and climate programs and policies and learned about the goals the French government has to reduce Students view a presentation at the French Federal Ministry of Ecology , Sustainable Development and Enery

carbon emissions.  Next students listened to a presentation on the same topic though from the different perspective of the City of Paris, from Marie Gantois of the Division of Climate and Environmental Programs for the city of Paris.  After grabbing a quick lunch, students traveled to see the newly developed eco-district, Clichy-Batignolles.  Clichy-Batignolles contains a 124 acre park of green space as well as housing, both private and public, playgrounds and fields, office space, and shopping.  Students enjoyed listening to a presentation about the vision and development of Clichy-Batignolles before heading to Cites Unies France, a think tank focusing on local intiatives for making Paris more sustainable and empowering local governments throughout France and Europe to effect policy reforms.    After the talk, students had the opportunity to explore Sacre Coeur.  After a packed day, students and faculty Dale Meadearis and Dorothea Wolfson relaxed at a local sidewalk cafe.  Below are a few photos that capture the day one activities.Overlooking the park at Clichy-BatignollesKathryn Grant and Rowan Braybook listen to a talk at Cites Unies France think tank.Bon Appetite!Bon Appetite!Sacre Coeur
More ch
Students look at the planned model of Clichy-Batignolles

Jimmy Viers tests the playground equipment of Clichy-BatignollesKathryn Grant checks out a child's model offering suggestions for planners of Clichy Batignollle.