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This site gives students an easy avenue for keeping up with news about our degree programs, students, alumni and faculty.  



Both students and faculty regularly contribute material.  Our most regular contributors are the full-time faculty at the Center for Advanced Governmental Studies.  You can find more information about our faculty here.


Our degrees

The Johns Hopkins University Center for Advanced Governmental Studies is the home to the MA in Government, MA in Global Security Studies, MA in Public Management, MA in Government Analytics, MS in Geospatial Intelligence, and MA in NGO Management. We also offer a variety of non-degree certificate programs drawing on coursework from our MA programs. 

For complete information about our degree programs, visit the Center's main page.


The Banner

The banner of this site combines images that represent our degrees with pictures of our students.  

The top image is students listening to a lecture about the Yom Kippur War on top of Mt. Hermon in Israel.  The vista to their right is Israel; to the left, Syria.  The lecture was part of our study abroad course, Politics, Culture and Security in Israel.  

The bottom picture is students discussing the presidential debate