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Research and Thesis

Some resources and guidelines to assist you as you craft your research questions and write your thesis papers:

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    Formulating a research question

    Some guidelines and issues to consider as you decide on a research question.
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    Sample Literature Review

    This lit review is not perfect-- and it might be useful to talk about its strengths and weaknesses with your RT professors or fellow students-- but its organization and critical engagement with the ideas presented are in line with our expectations.
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    Sample Topic Paragraph

    This is a sample introductory paragraph of a thesis paper. It explains the point of the paper, as well as it's structure and organization. You should write a topic paragraph in the beginning stages of your paper-- it will help focus your research and writing. Later on, in the final version of your paper, you will expand your introductory paragraphs to include the main findings of your case studies and the paper's central argument.
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    Thesis Paper Process.docx

    An overview of how to write a thesis paper, and the elements every paper should have.